Hello World! 

   My name is Gabby Ramos and I am the proud owner of A'Muse Leather Co. I started my shop about 3 years ago and it has grown tremendously. Never did I imagine that I would be a shoe maker or even work in front of a sewing machine. What started off as a hobby has now become my full time job. I truly love what I do and I put so much effort in my work; however, it can very challenging when you are a mother working from home. My two beautiful daughters love my attention so much that often times I am working in between nap time or when my husband is able to watch them. Thank god! for coffee and Netflix they are perfect for those late night sewing sessions.  

So what is my plan for 2017?  Well currently this is my first blog ever and I am going to make it my mission to update this blog each week. My goal for this blog is to share a little more what I do every day and I really want to connect with people that either share the same lifestyle or want to work from home. I feel it is very important for people that come to my shop to know more about me and I think this blog will be perfect for that. 

IG=@amuseleatherco (for all the awesome pictures).